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Welcome to Solarge!

Discover the future of solar energy with Solarge, the pioneer in fully circular and lightweight solar panels. As a manufacturer of advanced solar energy systems, we are committed to sustainability, innovation, and performance.

Our solar panels are designed with the latest technologies to ensure maximum energy yield, while remaining lightweight and environmentally friendly. With a focus on circular production processes, we aim for a positive impact on the environment and a sustainable future for all generations.

Discover our products, technologies, and the benefits of choosing Solarge. Together, we can change the world, step by step, towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.

End Users

Lightweight Technology

Circular Processing

Sustainable Energy Generation

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Project Developers & Installers

Ease of Installation

Design Flexibility

Future-oriented Sustainability

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Product from the Netherlands

Most Sustainable Solar Panels

Available by the end of 2024

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SOLO Ultra Low Carbon