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On Friday April 5, Member of Parliament Femke Zeedijk of NSC visited the Solarge factory in Weert, where innovative lightweight solar panels are made. In addition to the solar panels themselves generating energy in a sustainable way, Solarge also works with a sustainable production process that keeps CO2 emissions low during the production process. The solar panels are also PFAS-free, fully recyclable, meaning all raw materials can be reused, and lightweight because no glass or aluminum is used. Zeedijk's working visit to Solarge was organized together with FME, the business organization for the technological industry.

Jan Vesseur, CEO Solarge: “Solarge strives to produce high-quality solar panels that further accelerate the energy transition and make it more sustainable. We want to play a role in the shift to green energy in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. It is important that politicians pay attention to the practices of entrepreneurs and enter into discussions about this. We are therefore pleased to welcome Femke Zeedijk here today and to offer an insight into the ins and outs of our factory and everything that comes with entrepreneurship and innovation in the Netherlands.”

Femke Zeedijk (NSC): “SMEs are indispensable to our economy. Often innovative, operating internationally, with an eye for their environment and with the will to invest in the long term. You also see this with a company like Solarge. After years of development, there is now a factory where innovative solutions are being developed that make the world more sustainable. That is also necessary, because the world is changing. The rivalry between the US and China also has an effect on a relatively small country like the Netherlands, which is highly dependent on open trade relations. Then you cannot stand still and wait, but you must ensure that you also make progress in groundbreaking technologies, so that we can still earn our money. Good to see a good example of this in practice today.”