"With our new sustainable Solar technology, Solarge wants to contribute to the acceleration of the energy transition"

It is with this mission that Solarge started the development of lightweight solar panels, initiated by one of the largest construction companies in The Netherlands, Heijmans, Research Institute TNO, Solar Research Institute Solliance, and petrochemical manufacterer SABIC.  This joint effort is unique and the result is a completely new approach to the construction and application of solar panels. 

Dutch Technology

By using fiber re-inforced polymers and a for this purpose developed and patented set of materials by SABIC we created the basis for a new technique to manufacture lightweight solar panels.  This completely new technique allows Solarge to choose and utilize the best solar cells that are available now and in the future.  The technology developed by Solarge also offers form-flexibility for floating PV applications and tailor-made, in-roof, or integrated roof solutions (BIPV).

Solarge started in Eindhoven and uses the extensive network of high-tech companies that has been established here. Solarge has an R&D and production facility in Weert and is currently developing a fully automated production line for volume production that will be commissioned in spring 2023.

SABIC and Solarge: A strategic partnership

With more than 33.000 employees worldwide and offices in 50 countries, SABIC is one of the largest petrochemical manufacturers in the world. SABIC is making significant investments in R&D and developed, in close collaboration with Solarge, essential raw materials and components for the Solarge panels. Sustainability and circularity are of paramount importance at SABIC. Together with Solarge, they developed a solar panel that is 100% recycable and whose residuals can serve as raw material for new PV modules.

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