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Cromwell European REIT - Generation Green

Cromwell European REIT has proudly integrated Generation Green, a project that embodies sustainability and innovation in the real estate sector. With a focus on environmental awareness and energy efficiency, this project illustrates Cromwell's commitment to green initiatives and sustainable development.

644 SOLO solar panels

495 Wp per solar panel

319 kWp total

The installation includes 644 advanced Solarge solar panels, which together provide a lightweight, yet powerful energy solution. The entire PV installation weighs less than 6.5 kg/m^2, making it an ideal choice for locations with weight restrictions without sacrificing efficiency.

This project was created through the collaboration between Solarge, Generation Green, Sunbeam BV and Zoncoalitie. Thanks to their joint efforts and expertise, Cromwell European REIT now benefits from a sustainable solar roof that not only provides green energy, but also showcases the power of Dutch innovation and sustainable construction

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