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Fruit Company 'De Groen'

Sustainability blossoms on the grounds of Fruitbedrijf De Groen. Our dedicated partner Megaproject has installed 120 Solarge SOLO solar panels on the pitched steel roof of this fruit company.

120 SOLO Solar Panels

480 Wp per Solar Panel

58 kWp Total

Fruit company De Groen has taken a leap towards a more sustainable future with the recent installation of 120 Solarge SOLO solar panels. On the sloping steel roof of the fruit company, the panels radiate in harmony with nature, and they now harvest not only delicious fruits but also sustainable energy from the sun.

Megaproject has diligently installed 120 Solarge SOLO solar panels, making this fruit company a source of renewable energy. The sun casts its rays on the sloping steel roof, where the advanced solar panels bloom and strengthen the green vision of Fruitbedrijf De Groen. Taste the sweetness of sustainability!

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