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Innovative solar panels on the roof of Heijmans Eindhoven


In the Heijmans Eindhoven – SolarNRG project, 100% circular, lightweight solar panels have been installed on the roof of an office building. These panels represent an important step in sustainable energy solutions, being both environmentally friendly and efficient. The use of circular materials contributes to a more sustainable future, minimizing waste and emissions.

Anchored substructure for maximum safety

The substructure of the solar panels is firmly anchored to the roof using roof anchors. This method ensures that the solar panels remain safe and stable, even under challenging weather conditions. The use of roof anchors not only guarantees the durability of the installation, but also the safety of employees and visitors in the office building.

Perfect Synergy between Circularity and Safety

Heijmans attaches great importance to circularity and safety. By choosing the Solarge SOLO solar panels, this is perfectly fulfilled. The circular solar panels fit seamlessly into Heijmans' sustainable vision, while the anchored substructure ensures a safe and reliable installation. This project is an example of how innovative technologies and sustainable construction practices can go hand in hand to create a better future.