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Foodbank Amsterdam – YellowNRG

Project overview

Solarge is pleased to present the successful Food Bank Amsterdam – YellowNRG project. This project involves the installation of 248 Solarge SOLO solar panels on the roof of the Food Bank Amsterdam distribution center. With this initiative, we are providing the center with sustainable energy, allowing them to continue their operations efficiently and significantly reduce their energy costs.

Challenges and Solutions

The Food Bank Amsterdam distribution center faced unique challenges due to the structural limitations of the building. Our innovative, lightweight and PFAS-free solar panels offered the perfect solution. Thanks to the low weight of the Solarge panels, we were able to carry out the installation without additional burden on the structure. This allows the Food Bank and its volunteers to focus on their core activity: providing food to those who need it.

Community Support

At Solarge we are proud of our contribution to the Association of Dutch Food Banks. By harnessing solar energy, organizations such as the Amsterdam Food Bank can reduce their operational costs and allocate more resources to their essential mission. The Food Bank Amsterdam – YellowNRG project is a great example of how sustainable technology not only benefits the environment, but also has a direct impact on local communities. Together we work towards a future in which everyone has access to sufficient food and clean energy.