Dutch scale-up Solarge has obtained IEC certification for it’s Solarge SOLO® PV module.

Dutch scale-up Solarge has obtained IEC certification for it’s Solarge SOLO® PV module.

This product is unique in its kind as it is lightweight, based on a fully circular design, with an ultra low carbon footprint. As an ambitious member of the Ultra Low Carbon Solar Alliance, the Solarge target is to be a frontrunner in this most important domain. The payback time for embedded CO2 is thus reduced from years to just a few months in North West European applications. The solar modules contain no PFAS. Currently several EU countries intend to submit a restriction proposal for PFAS to the European Union by July 2022.

The solar modules are based on a completely new method of packaging of solar cells. Instead of using glass and an aluminum frame with a backsheet, Solarge uses (composite) polymers. Solarge has developed this patented technology exclusively in partnership with SABIC. The method is agnostic to solar cell choice. Solarge has already demonstrated that besides mono PERC, also HJT cells can be used as a basis.

Within the SABIC Trucircle™ programme the polymers can be biobased or taken from recycled plastics. This will potentially create an enormous shift in supply chains. Contrary to plants which use only 1% of solar annual irradiation, solar modules will harvest 25 times more energy from the sun. At the end of life, Solarge products can be fully recycled.

Solarge is working to finalize the funding of its 300 MW high volume manufacturing, in order to start production mid 2022 in the Netherlands. Expansion opportunities in Europe are already under discussion with several parties. The initial target market is based on Dutch commercial and industrial rooftops with insufficient capacity to carry the weight of conventional solar modules. The market size is estimated 15-20 GWp in the Netherlands alone. For this volume manufacturing, Solarge has offtake agreements from leading solar project developers.

About Solarge
Solarge is a manufacturer based in the Netherlands with a unique lightweight, circular, Ultra Low Carbon Solar module. The concept is based on proprietary design based on polymer technology for the packaging of solar cells of various types. Solarge is scaling up its capacity to 300 MWp.