Solarge PV modules offer many advantages compared to conventional glass modules

Sustainability: the production of Solarge modules releases less CO2, having a lower impact on the environment

Installation time: the lightweight modules and easy click-in system means less installation time needed

Weight: the use of strong and light polymer materials results in a lower total weight

Recycling: Solarge PV modules are fully recycable. The polymer of new Solarge PV modules can be made completely out of recycled materials.

Solarge PV modules are enlisted in the official Dutch governmental Milieulijst 2020, a list of proven sustainable products.

Lower CO2 footprint
Faster installation
Weight savings
Limited linear power output warranty
Limited product warranty

Solarge SOLO - slanted roofs

72-cell lightweight PV module
Solarge SOLO - slanted roofs

Solarge DUO - flat roofs

Double 72-cell lightweight PV module
Solarge DUO - flat roofs

Solarge PV modules: produced according to the strictest quality standards

Solarge PV modules are produced according to the strictest European IEC standards in the area of performance (IEC 61215) and safety (IEC 61730). By using sustainable, specially developed UV- and fire-resistant materials and quality solar cells a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years and a performance warranty of 20 years is given. During the production process, the modules are subject to stringent quality tests to ensure constant quality. Solarge business processes comply with the ISO 9001:2015 guidelines.

Solutions for roofs with a light construction

With the pressure from the EU climate agreement to reduce CO2, the use of PV modules to generate solar energy has taken off. The EU has set itself as target that 32% of the total energy production should stem from renewable sources. Projected on-roof solar cumulative installed capacity for the commercial and industrial (C&I) sectors is over 190 GW by 2030, growing from a current level of approx. 60 GW. An estimated 40% of these roofs can not carry extra weight due to their construction. Solarge PV modules, which in terms of energy yield are equal to conventional glass modules, are ideally suited for these roofs because of their low weight.


What industry leaders about Solarge lightweight PV modules:

"There is a large amount of unused roof surface available for solar, but only with certain innovations can this potential be utilized. The unique properties of the Solarge technology are a wonderful example of lightweight, easy to install panels that save 50% installation time. This makes a high penetration of solar possible in populated areas with an exceptional LCOE. "
Frans van de Heuvel
CEO Solarcentury
"The fact that Solarge panels are 50% lighter than the previous PV-generation, makes it possible to utilize more existing buildings that initially could not carry the weight.
A major step forward is that the Solarge panels are fully recyclable."
Maurits Groen
Entrepreneur, advocate for sustainability

“By thinking out-of-the-box about ‘packaging’ solar-cells, Solarge has created highly innovative solar modules with many new application areas. In addition, the application of Solarge modules will reduce/lower the installation costs, which is a significant part of the total costs of the PV system."

Wim Sinke
Prof. Photovoltaic Solar Energy - University of Amsterdam