Lighter and more sustainable? Our smart polymer technology creates innovative solar panels: suitable everywhere, high watt peak performance and easy installation. The material is extremely strong, 100% circular and is produced in the Netherlands. This is progress for everyone! Together with partners and colleagues, we build sustainable solutions and make them a success.


Groundbreaking solutions are needed for a sustainable future. Future generations are entitled to clean energy and a bright future. We continue to look for opportunities to assure them of this. With our stubborn approach, by working together and by continuing to innovate. We create scalable solutions that are good for our planet.

Mission and Vision

At Solarge, we make the energy transition sustainable. We do this by bringing circular solar panels to the market in a fast and scalable way. We go beyond where conventional solar panels go. We innovate, we are passionate about a livable planet and we are honest about the challenges ahead.



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