"Sustainability is one of our core values. This is how we want to distinquish ourselves from other manufacturers."

The Age of Fully Circular Ultra Low Carbon Solar Modules has begun

The transition to a solar powered economy is necessary and urgent. Fortunatley solar development has recently accelerated. However, present generation solar modules still have a number of drawbacks. A paradigm shift is needed to fully and unconditionally be able to reap the full solar potential. 

The unique properties of these future-proof solar modules: 

  • Ulta Low Carbon Solar Footprint: 80% better than conventional modules (in new factory)
  • Fully recyclable and circular, due to the ease of disassembly at end of life
  • Can be made of biobased polymers or recycled polymers. The module making process will have a negative carbon footprint*
  • 50% lower weight when compared to other modules
  • Contain no toxic materials such as PFAS

The New Language of Carbon