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The innovative solar panel from Solarge that brings sustainability, lightweight and environmental friendliness together. The SOLO embodies our commitment to a greener future through its circular design, is free of PFAS and has significantly low CO2 emissions during production.

Innovative Composition

Advanced materials such as polymers, glass fibers, silicon, copper and aluminum are used in the SOLO solar panels. An aluminum frame and a glass front, which are usually used with conventional solar panels, are not used. This makes the solar panels durable and maintains a lightweight design.

Advanced Layers for Circular Processing

In the structure of the SOLO solar panels, different layers reveal the key to circular processing. From the honeycomb panel to the encapsulant, cells and facesheet, each layer has been carefully designed to facilitate recycling and support Solarge's sustainability goals.

Lightweight Material

Solarge consciously uses materials that minimize the weight of the solar panels. At only 5.5 kg per m2, as opposed to the 11 kg per m2 of conventional solar panels, SOLO solar panels offer significant weight savings without sacrificing performance.

Compatibility Mounting Systems

The innovative design allows trouble-free integration with all known mounting systems. Every SOLO solar panel comes with brackets that easily interface with the mounting systems, making installation and ease of use central.

Additional Information

In addition to the previously mentioned features, the SOLO offers a range of additional benefits that make it an exceptional choice for sustainable energy generation:

The SOLO solar panels are completely free of PFAS, which not only promotes sustainability, but also health and environmental friendliness. The solar panels are produced in our modern facility in Weert. Local production minimizes transport distances and supports the regional economy.

In addition, the SOLO solar panels are designed to provide excellent performance in various environments and weather conditions. Whether flat or sloping roofs, our panels adapt and provide reliable energy generation. The circular design elements of the SOLO ensure that they are fully recyclable at the end of their life, so that together we strive for a closed and sustainable cycle.

Choose innovation, sustainability and performance – choose the SOLO solar panels from Solarge. Make the transition to a greener and more energy-efficient future.

PFAS-free Design
Local Production in Weert, NL
Optimal Performance in All Environments
Sustainable Circular Design
Long Lifespan

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