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Although our special solar panel for homeowners won't be launched until 2025, we want to get you excited about the innovation to come. Discover one of our pilot projects and see how our sustainable solar panels could soon shine on your home.

Made in the Netherlands

Most Sustainable Choice

Available by 2025

Even though the official release is still a while away, we want to get you excited about the innovation that is coming. Discover one of our exciting pilot projects and visualize how our sustainable solar panels can soon shine on your home. Dive into the world of green energy and prepare for a revolution in your energy supply.

We understand the needs of homeowners like no other. Our special solar panels, scheduled for launch in mid 2025, are designed with your sustainable future in mind. As part of a fascinating pilot project we have already shown a glimpse of the possibilities that will be available soon. Explore how our innovative solar energy solutions can transform your home and provide you with green energy. Let the future of sustainable living begin.


Pilot Project ‘2 miljoen huizen met zonnepanelen in Nederland’

In this project, installer Sungevity installed 5 SOLO solar panels on a residential property. It marked the moment that the 2 millionth house in the Netherlands was equipped with solar panels.

Pilot Project Residential

This pilot project is designed to demonstrate the power of our SOLO solar panels. For the time being, we do not offer solar panels to private individuals. But this pilot, installed by Soltronergy, bodes well for the future!

Let's get in touch!

At Solarge we are currently developing a specific solar panel for private individuals, the expected launch is in 2025. Although we do not yet supply panels to private individuals, we look forward to soon offering a sustainable solution that creates unique possibilities. Do you have questions or would you like other information? Check our FAQ or contact us. We are ready to answer all your questions and inform you about the future of sustainable energy with Solarge.