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We proudly share completed projects that used Solarge solar panels. Discover how Solarge's advanced solar panels contribute to making the energy transition more sustainable.

Cromwell European REIT – Generation Green

Cromwell European REIT has proudly integrated Generation Green, a project that embodies sustainability and innovation in the real estate sector. With a focus on environmental awareness and energy efficiency, this project illustrates Cromwell's commitment to green...

Heijmans Eindhoven – SolarNRG

In the Heijmans Eindhoven – SolarNRG project, 100% circular, lightweight solar panels have been installed on the roof of an office building. These panels represent an important step in sustainable energy solutions, being both environmentally friendly and efficient.

Foodbank Amsterdam – YellowNRG

Solarge is pleased to present the successful Food Bank Amsterdam – YellowNRG project. This project involves the installation of 248 Solarge SOLO solar panels on the roof of the Food Bank Amsterdam distribution center.

Van Happen – Solarix | Kuijpers

The world of waste processing is continuously developing, with a growing focus on sustainability and circular thinking. For Van Happen, a prominent player in this sector, it was important that their facade not only...

Elevate – Brightlands Materials Center

The sun is the largest source of renewable energy. Solar panels are therefore one of the most important technologies for generating sustainable electricity. To realize the transition to a fully sustainable energy supply,...

Project 'Integrated PV roof'

This project is developing a lightweight integrated PV roof component for roofs where traditional solar panels are not suitable. The self-supporting part with full-surface solar cells maximizes electricity output and enables one-step installation.