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We proudly share completed projects that used Solarge solar panels. Discover how Solarge's advanced solar panels contribute to making the energy transition more sustainable.

Project 'Integrated PV roof'

This project is developing a lightweight integrated PV roof component for roofs where traditional solar panels are not suitable. The self-supporting part with full-surface solar cells maximizes electricity output and enables one-step installation.

HBI Bisscheroux – Yellow Marble

In this innovative project, installer Yellow Marble has installed a total of 72 SOLO solar panels. With this, we aim for a greener and more sustainable future for HBI Bisscheroux.

Pilot Project ‘2 miljoen huizen met zonnepanelen in Nederland’

In this project, installer Sungevity installed 5 SOLO solar panels on a residential property. It marked the moment that the 2 millionth house in the Netherlands was equipped with solar panels.

Fruit Company 'De Groen' - Megaproject

Sustainability blossoms on the grounds of Fruitbedrijf De Groen. Our dedicated partner Megaproject has installed 120 Solarge SOLO solar panels on the pitched steel roof of this fruit company.

Different Doors – Soltronergy

In September 2023, Different Doors made history as the very first end user to receive solar panels from Solarge. With a good dose of sunshine, no fewer than 468 SOLO solar panels were installed by installer Soltronergy.

Pilot Project Residential

This pilot project is designed to demonstrate the power of our SOLO solar panels. For the time being, we do not offer solar panels to private individuals. But this pilot, installed by Soltronergy, bodes well for the future!