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End Users

Enter the world of Solarge, where sustainable energy for your business premises is taking shape. Our advanced lightweight and circular solar panels are designed to not only accelerate the energy transition, but also to provide your business premises with innovative, sustainable solutions. Experience the benefits of easy installation and future-oriented sustainability. At Solarge, lightweight and circular go hand in hand for a greener future.


100% Circular

Truly sustainable

At Solarge we embrace lightweight innovation as the key to an effortless energy transformation for your business premises. Our advanced solar panels not only offer easy installation but also reduce structural loads. This means less stress on your business premises and smoother integration of sustainable energy solutions. Discover the freedom of lightweight energy at Solarge, where every solar panel is a step towards a more efficient and resilient energy future.

Sustainability is central to every solar panel we supply. Our circular design not only minimizes the ecological footprint, but also extends the life cycle of our products. By using recyclable materials and local production in Weert (NL), we strive for a completely sustainable approach. As a property owner, you not only contribute to your own energy needs, but also to a greener and more sustainable planet.


Project 'Integrated PV roof'

This project is developing a lightweight integrated PV roof component for roofs where traditional solar panels are not suitable. The self-supporting part with full-surface solar cells maximizes electricity output and enables one-step installation.

HBI Bisscheroux – Yellow Marble

In this innovative project, installer Yellow Marble has installed a total of 72 SOLO solar panels. With this, we aim for a greener and more sustainable future for HBI Bisscheroux.

Fruit Company 'De Groen' - Megaproject

Sustainability blossoms on the grounds of Fruitbedrijf De Groen. Our dedicated partner Megaproject has installed 120 Solarge SOLO solar panels on the pitched steel roof of this fruit company.

Let's get in touch!

As pioneers in Dutch circular, lightweight solar panels, we invite end users and commercial property owners to actively participate in our sustainable mission. Curious about the possibilities with our innovative technology? Don't wait any longer and contact us today. Our dedicated team is ready to answer all your questions, explore collaboration opportunities and discuss tailor-made sustainable solutions. Let's work together towards a greener future.