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About us

Discover the story behind Solarge, where Dutch innovation and sustainable passion come together. As pioneers in the development of circular, lightweight solar panels, we lead the way to a greener future. Discover our vision, mission, and the unique factors that differentiate Solarge in the sustainable energy revolution. Learn more about our groundbreaking technology and our commitment to local production as we strive together for a world where renewable energy is the standard.


At Solarge, our mission is to promote a sustainable energy transition. We achieve this by bringing circular solar panels to the market in a fast and scalable manner. Our commitment goes beyond conventional solar panels; we strive for continuous innovation, have a deep-rooted passion for maintaining a livable planet and are open about the challenges we face.


Our vision at Solarge is to be at the forefront of the sustainable energy revolution. We believe in crossing boundaries and exploring uncharted territory to change the norm. With a focus on innovation, we want to create a world in which the energy transition is not only sustainable, but also inspiring. At Solarge, we embrace the power of circular solar panels to have a positive impact on the environment and strive to push boundaries in the quest for a greener future.

We Work Together With

Technology from Dutch soil: Sustainable Innovation in Solar Panels

At Solarge, we have been driven by the mission to transform the energy transition with Dutch-grown technology since the beginning of 2018. In close collaboration with various disciplines, we have developed circular, lightweight solar panels. This innovation offers a fresh look at the construction and application of solar panels, using fiber-reinforced polymers and materials specially developed by SABIC.

These technologies not only form the basis for lightweight solar panels, but also create possibilities in the future due to the shape flexibility of the materials. This includes 'floating solar', custom-made solar roofs, or integrated roof solutions (BIPV).

Lightweight and Widely Applicable
Innovative Materials
Local-for-Local Production
Collaboration for Sustainability
Reduction of CO2 Emissions

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Do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to answer all your questions, explore collaborations and discuss sustainable tailor-made solutions. Let's build a greener future together.



ENGIE and Solarge install largest circular solar installation at SABIC in Genk

May 13, 2024 – ENGIE, Solarge, and SABIC have joined forces for a groundbreaking solar installation of 2.4 MW at the SABIC site in Genk, Belgium. What makes these solar panels unique is that they are 100% circular, weigh much less than ...

Solarge raises funding for further scale-up

Solarge has managed to attract new financing in recent months: the impact funds and Orchard Participations, together with existing investors (including Daan van der Vorm and Sytse Bouwer), are investing €3 million for...

Femke Zeedijk (NSC) visits Solarge in Weert

On Friday April 5, Member of Parliament Femke Zeedijk of NSC visited the Solarge factory in Weert, where innovative lightweight solar panels are made. In addition to the fact that the solar panels themselves generate energy in a sustainable way...