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Quickly and easily discover the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our innovative circular solar panels and sustainable solutions. From technical specifications to information about availability and future developments, our FAQ is your guide to clear insights. Is your question not listed? Please feel free to contact us. Solarge is there to guide you on your journey to green energy. Together we make the world more sustainable, step by step.

What makes the Solarge solar panels suitable for large-scale installations?

Solarge solar panels are ideal for large-scale installations due to their light weight, easy installation and circular design. They not only reduce the load on the roof, but also contribute to sustainable energy generation on a large scale.

Are Solarge solar panels suitable for my roof surface and type?

Yes, Solarge solar panels are designed with flexibility in mind. They are suitable for various designs and can be installed on different roof types. For specific questions about options at your business premises, we recommend contacting us .

How much energy can I expect a Solarge solar panel system to generate for my property?

The generating capacity of a system with Solarge solar panels varies depending on several factors, including the location of your property, the orientation of the panels, and any shade. Neem contact op voor een schatting op basis van de specifieke situatie van uw bedrijfspand.

What are the maintenance requirements for Solarge solar panels on my property?

Solarge solar panels require no maintenance. Periodic cleaning is not necessary because of the dirt-repellent front.

What makes Solarge solar panels different from conventional solar panels?

Solarge solar panels are manufactured using smart polymer technology, making them up to 50% lighter than conventional panels. They can be processed 100% circularly and reduce CO2 emissions during production by up to 80%. Our panels do not have an aluminum frame and use polymers instead of glass, which contributes to durability and performance.

Voor meer informatie, zie onze productpagina over de SOLO or have a look at our page about sustainability.

Do the Solarge solar panels generate as much energy as conventional solar panels?

In recent years, we have mainly focused on realizing lightweight and sustainable solar panels. For the time being, this ensures that the SOLO is approximately 5 percent less efficient than conventional solar panels. In other words, the solar panels will take a little longer before the investment is recouped.

What support does Solarge offer to installers?

Solarge supports installers with detailed installation instructions and technical assistance. If there are still any doubts, we can arrange an initial installation to answer all questions. We strive for smooth cooperation!

Can anyone purchase solar panels from Solarge?

Solarge does not currently use distribution partners. We have chosen to supply developers and installers directly. We encourage anyone interested to contact us.

I am a private individual and am interested in your panels. Can I already buy the panels for my home?

Thank you for your interest in our solar panels. We understand that many private individuals would like to use our product. However, we are not currently focusing on the private housing market. We receive questions from enthusiastic private individuals every day, and although we do not currently have a product available, we are working hard on a special panel for private homes.

The good news is that we expect to introduce a panel that will be available for the private market in mid-2024. This product will be available through selected installers and partners. For the latest updates and information about availability for private individuals, we recommend that you keep an eye on our special 'Private Individuals' page. We appreciate your patience and interest in our sustainable solutions.

I am a private individual and have a VAT number with which I can purchase the panels for business purposes. Is it possible to buy the panels for my home?

Although it is theoretically possible, we would like to draw your attention to some practical considerations. Our panels are sold per pallet (23 pieces), while homes often only need part of them. In addition, our panels are larger than standard residential solar panels. The most important thing to know is that we only produce and sell the solar panels ourselves; you must rely on another party for the substructure and installation.

For these reasons, we recommend waiting until we have developed a specific panel for the private residential market. These will be available through pre-selected installers and partners, which we will announce on our website. These parties can make you a complete offer, including solar panels, installation and necessary construction. We aim to soon provide you with all the information you need for a seamless transition to sustainable solar energy.

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