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At Solarge, we look for talented individuals to join our diverse team. We strive for creative, innovative and driven professionals with a passion for technology and making society more sustainable. We welcome people with challenging ideas, who dare to take the initiative and are willing to think outside the box. Discover a dynamic working environment at Solarge in which your talents and innovative thinking are valued and stimulated. Join our team and contribute to the future of sustainable energy.

At Solarge we actively contribute to the sustainability of the energy transition. Our focus is on the rapid and scalable introduction of circular solar panels to the market. Unlike conventional panels, we go further; we embrace innovation, cherish our passion for a livable planet and are transparent about the challenges ahead.

As a driven and ambitious scale-up, we aim to expand our team of over 35 people to 100 people within a year. Since the opening of our production facility in May 2023, we are currently working on the final preparations for the launch of our high-volume production line. Solarge is known as a reliable and innovative partner that is committed to a green future. Discover how our circular solar panels change the norm and make the world more sustainable together with us.


Graphic Design Intern

Inside Sales Employee

Marketing Intern

Maintenance Engineer E