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Discover the core of sustainability at Solarge, where innovation and green solutions come together. Our lightweight and circular solar panels form the backbone of our commitment to a sustainable future. With a focus on efficiency and a circular life cycle, we go beyond the norm to contribute to a more sustainable planet. At Solarge, we embrace sustainability as a guide to progress. Discover our impact and vision for a greener future.

More Sustainable than Conventional Solar Panels

In contrast to conventional solar panels, which are often used linearly and are difficult to recycle, Solarge introduces a revolutionary solar panel that can be processed circularly. Traditional panels require a lot of valuable raw materials, consume considerably more energy during production due to the use of glass and aluminum, and contribute to a growing waste mountain due to their limited recyclability. Solarge offers a sustainable alternative that not only reduces CO2 emissions by up to 80%, but also enables circular processing. In addition, our solar panels are free of PFAS.

Circular Processing

At Solarge we embrace a circular approach when assembling our solar panel. Our back on which the solar cells rest, the polymer sheets, are processed circularly in collaboration with SABIC. In the future, the solar cells will follow a circular path via ROSI Solar. This sustainable processing provides the certainty that our panels do not contribute to a growing waste mountain after use, unlike conventional solar panels.

Conscious Choice for a Sustainable Future

The enormous mountain of waste threatened by the installation of conventional solar panels is a worrying prospect. Solarge offers a solution by introducing a truly sustainable choice. The attached image illustrates the orbit of traditional panels that we will soon add annually because we cannot process them. Solarge's innovative approach does contribute to a greener future and a more sustainable world.