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We are pleased to announce that Prof. Gerard de Leede, our CTO, was honored with a Sustainable Ribbon on Sustainable Tuesday.

Gerard's invaluable contributions at Solarge have played a crucial role in advancing our mission for a more sustainable future. Under his leadership, Solarge has consistently driven innovation in the sustainable energy sector, developing groundbreaking circular and lightweight solar panels that are reshaping the use of materials and the way we capture solar energy.

The Sustainable Ribbon is proof of Gerard's tireless efforts. However, it is crucial to recognize that this achievement reflects the collective dedication of the entire Solarge team, who consistently pushes the boundaries in our pursuit of sustainable solutions.

We thank Maurits Groen for graciously presenting this prestigious award and express our gratitude to our partners and stakeholders for their continued support as we continue our journey. We also congratulate Jessica den Outer, Anne-Marie Rakhorst and Elisah Pals on receiving a Sustainable Ribbon.

Together we make a difference and build a brighter, more sustainable future.